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Are you looking for a way to inspect places that you could never reach before with ease and clarity?

If so, we offer you the Camex, a versatile device that connects to your phone and lets you see what’s inside pipes, walls, engines, etc.. The Camex has a flexible cable, a waterproof lens, and LED lights that provide high-resolution images and videos. You can use it for home improvement, automotive repair, plumbing, or even as a spy gadget. The Camex is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, and comes with a handy storage case and accessories.

Get yours today and discover a whole new world of possibilities!

  • 640*480, 180*720 (200W pixels) resolution: camera with 8mm lens diameter can inspect hard-to-reach places effortlessly
  • Easy Connection: Camex can be easily and quickly connected with IOS system devices through the interface. With simple operations, you can view real-time images on the screen.
  • Camex can bend freely and remain semi-rigid.  The IP67 waterproof design allows the camera to operate underwater up to 3.28 feet for 1 hour.
  • Wide Applications: Camex is suitable for various scenes, such as inside the car or around the engine, inside the pipe inspection, or the house inspection mold, and wiring. The brightness-adjustable light enables you to obtain picture information even in dark environments.

Lens diameter: 8 mm
Resolution: 640*480, 180*720 (200W pixels)
Sensor size: 1/5 inch
Frame rate: 30fps
Waterproof rating: IP67


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cielo Eichmann

Works perfect with iPhone! Simply get the app, connect, and use it. Came with extra accessories for retrieving small objects. Very recommended!

Montana Lubowitz

Endoscope working, makes photos, videos, there is a backlight. Works with a native adapter. The photo is made by the endoscope camera, you can choose the quality (resolution). Took for the car to watch the valve. I haven't looked yet

Albin Kirlin

I am a normal homeowner who needs a very occasional look into small spaces and tight corners around the house and travel trailer. I don’t do this professionally, and did not want to spend a lot of money. This was PERFECT for my needs. I’ve used it a half dozen times for a sum total of 20 minutes. Really, how much time does someone really need with an item like this if they aren’t using it on a daily basis?

I like that it does not have an integrated screen and another battery I need to worry about keeping charged. It plugs into my phone, the integrated light is sufficient, and the resolution is acceptable for everything I need to do with it! If I can’t figure out the issue with this then I’m going to need a professional anyways to solve my problem! It’s small/compact and easy to store. I didn’t spend a lot of money on this and I didn’t expect a 4k experience - again, meets my needs perfectly.

Kali Wunsch

We initially bought this as we have recently started getting mice in our home that were learning to avoid traps and wanted to see exactly where they were coming in at. When using this camera, the setup is very quick and easy and the image quality is perfect for needing to see up close in small tight spaces. One of the things I like most about the functionality is that you can just use your phone as a monitor while using it or you can take pictures and videos if needed and even rotate the view. Good product for the features and the price.

Eleanore Hackett

My washer was installed in an awkward spot when I inherited the property so I wanted to know how the outlet was placed. There was no removing the washer beyond 6" so I needed something to see "back there". I tried this scope and was able to see the outlet valves in the wall directly behind my washer. Though it was for just one use, I'll be able to use again or share it with friends as it's compatible with major smartphones (mine was iPhone).

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